Beirut Souks Will Host A Special Event This Weekend

A Special Event Will Be Held At Beirut Souks This Weekend
Beirut Souks

Lebanese joint-stock company Solidere has announced an event that is set to take place at the Beirut Souks this weekend.

The event, Souk El-Balad, is an initiative by ARDNA NGO that aims at empowering and supporting small-scale producers, farmers, and artists, through an open-air market.

The initiative has partnered with around 60 small producers who come from various backgrounds and Lebanese areas, effectively bringing a diverse set of products to the table.

The selected producers will be given the opportunity to showcase their high-quality products in the Beirut Souks commercial district in the heart of Beirut. No fee is required for participation.

“The goal of the initiative is to revive the aspects of the Beirut market, restore the atmosphere of the historic Al-Balad Market, and provide a new formula for the idea of open markets,” Solidere said in a statement on Thursday.

Souk El-Balad will bring together, for the first time in such a market, “agricultural and crafts products and a variety of foods, in addition to a group of many activities and an oasis of flowers and seedlings.”

There will also be a designated children’s space at the event, where various activities will be held to create a fun and joyful atmosphere.

Souk El-Balad will be held weekly, every Saturday, from 8 AM until 2 PM, starting May 22nd.