They’re Going To Interrogate Beirut Port Blast Victims’ Families, Here’s How You Can Help

Houssam Shbaro | Anadolu

After arresting and detaining William Noun, brother of Joe Noun who was killed responding as a firefighter to the Beirut Port blast, State Security has now summoned 13 Beirut Port blast victims‘ family members.

Peter Bou Saab, brother of another firefighter Joe Bou Saab who was also killed, was summoned as well but is refusing to go.

They have been summoned following their participation in protesting outside the Justice Palace last week demanding justice and the continuation of the investigation into the Beirut Port blast.

Some of the relatives of the Beirut Port blast victims are over 70 years old. These are the names of those summoned:

  1. William Noun
  2. George Hitti
  3. Osama Fakih
  4. Kian Tlias
  5. Majeed Helou
  6. Elie Mallahi
  7. Abdo Matta
  8. Elie Bou Saab
  9. Peter Bou Saab
  10. Lawyer Pierre Gemayel
  11. Lawyer Cecile Roukoz
  12. Anthony Salameh
  13. Charbel Wardeh

They are asking for support tomorrow.

There is a solidarity protest Monday, January 16th at 10 am in front of the Barbar Khazen barracks in Verdun, Beirut.

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