Top Hotel in Lebanon Will Be Donating All Food Surpluses to Lebanon’s Food Bank

As we are all aware, food-wasting is an issue not only in Lebanon but in almost everywhere in the world. What many seem to ignore, is that the yearly amount going to waste could easily end world hunger in the long term. Fortunately, awareness campaigns about the matter have been rising and positive initiatives are being taken.  


An example of such initiative is the partnership between Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut and the Lebanese Food Bank. Starting next year, the hotel will be donating food surpluses from its restaurants and concerts to help end hunger in Lebanon.

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The hotel’s general manager, Manrique Rodriguez, affirmed that they are very proud to be partners of the Lebanese Food Bank and mentioned that it was very interesting to see how just one hotel could support so many people in need. He concluded his speech by stating that they were surrounded by the kind of love that drives human-beings to make a difference in the lives of those around them.


Phoenician Hotel Senior HR Leader Mohamed Azakir further added that the hotel team values social responsibility and that they try to educate their employees and the communities around them about the importance of going the extra mile to give back to society. He believes that the fight to end hunger, whether locally or globally, is a serious one and that we must all collaborate with it.

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The plan practically consists of donating non-easily perishable items from Phoenicia’s banqueting spaces, and from its two restaurants: Mosaic Restaurant and Eau De Vie respectively.


The donated items will be monitored by the Food and Safety manager, the Kitchen Chef, and the Head Waiter, all under the HACCP certification for food safety.

Lebanon’s Food Bank complimented the hotel on its participation and emphasized the difference that it would make on the lives of others. He further added that he hopes this initiative will not end there and that the Phoenicia hotel will serve as an inspiration to many other large restaurants and hotels to do the same.

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However, this is not only a humanly responsible task for restaurants and hotels. All of us are encouraged to help end hunger in Lebanon through the Lebanese Food Bank. Small actions, like thinking twice before throwing excess food, would make a big difference in the long term.

Find out how you can also participate in ending hunger in Lebanon: Lebanese People Are Urged to Team Up With Lebanon’s Food Bank to End Hunger.


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