Tripoli Revolts With Armed Protesters Taking The Streets As Lebanon’s Crises Expand

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Armed protesters took to the streets in Tripoli on Wednesday asking business owners to close up in protest of severe electricity cuts, the rate of the dollar, and skyrocketing prices of basic goods, NNA reported.

They shot fires in the air in the Al-Tal area in an expression of frustration with the harsh living conditions, which have been deteriorating dramatically with no apparent move from the state to save the country from its collapse.

The Lebanese Army was deployed to control the situation but only prompted more anger from civilians who are simply too exhausted to stay quiet about their miserable lives.

Videos circulating on social media show a crowd of protesters running after the army with stones and chairs, clearly unhappy with the army’s interference. These people have reached such a point of despair that they don’t even fear bullets.

The army fired shots into the air to disperse the crowds and kept a heavy presence in the area to arrest the shooters and try to maintain calm.

Notably, over the past couple of days, there have been scuffles between some protesters and the army, both of which are suffering the same terrible conditions.

Speaking to MTV, the Vice President of the Future Movement, Mustafa Alloush, said that what is happening in Tripoli is the beginning of a “social explosion” that will only end if there is an intervention to stop the deterioration of the country.

Just a few days ago, MP Faisal Karami declared “a state of economic and social emergency” in Tripoli, his city. He warned of “a social disaster” that could threaten general stability and “foreshadow the spread of chaos, in all its forms, in society.”

Now, chaos is unfurling in the northern city. At the time of writing, crowds of protesters have grown larger with many marching in the streets of Bab Al-Tebbaneh, Jabal Mohsen, and many other areas calling for the army to retreat.

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