Underground waste containers in Beirut will keep trash out of sight!

Sukleen has been picking us trash and transporting the garbage to landfills in Beirut and Mount Lebanon for the past 18 years. It

ended its operation

on April 30. A Lebanese company called Ramco started collecting waste and cleaning the roads in Beirut. Ramco that has a five-year contract with the Municipality of Beirut will collect 650 tons of garbage per day.

The Municipality of Beirut announced that Ramco is building underground waste containers across the city. This waste management technique meets international standards. This is how these bins work! Underground bins save space, isolate the waste odor, and ensure a clean and hygienic environment. They are used in many developed countries. Ramco is scheduled to install bins of three different types in 250 collection points in a move to encourage people to sort their waste. Recycling trash can significantly help us in ending the garbage crisis in Lebanon.

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