Hundreds Attended A Vigil In Montreal To Mourn Beirut Explosion’s Victims


Hundreds of Lebanese attended a vigil in Montreal, Canada, on August 5th, to grieve with the people back in Lebanon and mourn their devastated capital.

Organized by Meghterbin Mejtemiin, Montreal Branch, the sad event took place in downtown, in Dorchester Square, in the presence of local media reporters.

Olivier Jean | La Presse

Our correspondent on the scene reported that a lot of emotions were felt as Lebanese reunited with friends for the first time since the explosion to grieve together.

Many were still in shock. “And of course there was anger,” she stressed.

“Our pain is immeasurable, but our anger is even greater.”

`- Meghterbin Mejtemiin, Montreal

Griefs, prayers, tears in the voices and eyes, people checking on each other’s families in Beirut, some saying they want to go to their families to be with them during the aftermath, and hugs shared with whispers of Hamdallah a3salemeh echoing through the crowd…


The Lebanese in Montreal were devastated.

The mood was heavily somber as candles were lit and songs of Fairouz ‘Li Beirut” (For Beirut) were played.

At one point, the speaker turned her back to the audience and faced the media to address the Canadian government.

Le Devoir

Very firmly and eloquently, she specifically requested that the Canadian government does not send any emergency relief funds to the Lebanese government, “known for their corruption”, but to instead send it directly to local NGOs like the Lebanese Red Cross.

“Today, we mourn. Friday, we rage.”

Her message was met with an uproar of applause from the large crowd, clearly demonstrating the deep mistrust of the people towards the Lebanese government.

“Today, we mourn. Friday, we rage,” the organizers said to the heartbroken crowd.

Global News | Phil Carpenter

The pain was obviously too heavy for the people to feel the anger wanting to burst out, but it finally did with many shouting the revolution slogan: Kellon, ya3neh Kellon. (All means all).

“Our pain is immeasurable, but our anger is even greater,” the organizers said, pledging to express it in a protest coming Friday, August 7th, in front of the Lebanese consulate.


The “Manifestation against the Lebanese criminal regime,” as they named it, will take place from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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(English Follows) (يتبع بالعربية) Notre peine est incommensurable, mais notre colère est encore plus vive. Rejoignez-nous à notre manifestation contre le régime criminel du Liban devant le consulat du Liban à Montréal le vendredi 07 août 2020 pour exiger justice et imputabilité immédiatement. Pour exiger le départ de tous les dirigeants libanais de 1991 jusqu’aujourd'hui, qui ont détruit notre existence et dont la corruption et la soif du pouvoir a résulté en plus de 500 tué.e.s ou disparu.e.s et plus de 5000 blessé.e.s et 300000 sans-abris le 04-Août-2020. Nous n'oublierons jamais, nous ne pardonnerons jamais, soyez sûrs et certains que nous veillerons à ce que justice soit faite. —— Our heartbreak is immeasurable, but our anger is bigger. Please join our protest against Lebanon’s criminal government in front of the Lebanese Consulate In Montreal on Friday 07-Aug-2020 to demand Justice and Accountability now. To demand the departure of all Lebanese leaders that have robbed us from everything from 1991 until today, and whose corruption and hunger for power has left close to 500 Lebanese dead or missing and over 5000 wounded and 300 000 homeless on 04-Aug-2020. We will never forget, we will never forgive, and make no mistake that we will find justice. —— إن حسرة قلوبنا لا حدود لها ، لكن غضبنا أكبر. يرجى الانضمام إلى احتجاجنا ضد الحكومة الإجرامية في لبنان أمام القنصلية اللبنانية في مونتريال يوم الجمعة 07 أغسطس 2020 للمطالبة بالعدالة والمساءلة الآن. للمطالبة برحيل جميع المسؤولين الحكوميين الذين سرقوا منا كل شيء من العام 1991 حتى اليوم ، والذين ترك فسادهم وجوعهم للسلطة ما يقرب من 500 لبناني من القتلى والمفقودين وأكثر من 5000 جريح و 300000 بلا مأوى في 04 أغسطس 2020. لن ننسى أبدًا ، ولن نغفر أبدًا.

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Lebanese in Vancouver and in Calgary also held vigils for Beirut explosion’s victims, counting 137 as of date, with three found Wednesday evening under the rubbles in Beirut port. That’s in addition to thousands of wounded and too many still missing.

The Lebanese diaspora is reportedly now mobilizing to lend support and to launch demonstrations in their cities.

It is to note that Canada just announced a $5M in aid to Lebanon and, indeed, it will not go to the Lebanese government but to “trusted partners on the ground” as Canada’s immediate priority is saving lives, as Development Canada tweeted.

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