Which Type of Self-Quarantined Person Are You?

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Coronavirus came to change our lifestyles, in Lebanon as well as around the world. It has us trapped in our own homes, never going out unless it’s an emergency.

Even though self-quarantining is extremely important at this period of time, but it certainly isn’t easy, and nobody said it was. Yet, we are all being brave and doing it.

So far, we know of 11 types of self-quarantined people in Lebanon and you’ll probably recognize yourself in one of them. The question is: Which one is it?

#1 The one who decided to become a billionaire

This type has been waiting for this opportunity all their lives. Finally, some free time for them to get their million-dollar business plan started!

This is it for them, their big break; it is now or never. After all, “How to Become a Billionaire at Home” is probably now the 2020 most searched key phrase on Google .

#2 The creative Lebanese

Every Lebanese house needs a person like this: the ultimate entertainer. This person will create all sorts of meaningless but fun games to pass the time. They refuse to give up to boredom.

If that’s you, be generous and pass your ideas along so that everyone can remain kinda sane.

#3 The one staying productive

Sitting still and wasting time are never options for these people. They will develop a hobby, learn a new skill, exercise or work extra hard from home.

For them, there’s no point in staying at home if they get nothing out of it. They are like the musicians who kept playing when the Titanic was sinking.

#4 The natural remedy initiate

These will graduate from 2020 with a master’s in Survival Skills. They always have their face masks, sterilizer, and gloves on even if they are just sitting in front of the TV.

This type’s favorite food at the moment is a cocktail of Ginger, Kiwi, Lemons, and Yansoun.

#5 The loud neighbor

This is the festive type. They spend their time having Karaoke parties, playing an instrument, or having their stereo blasting 24/7.

If that’s you, the good news is: Your neighbors can’t come knocking on your door, telling you to turn down the volume.

#6 The cleaner

They will clean everything, even things that shouldn’t be cleaned. If that’s not you and you ever step into the kitchen and catch your mom washing your brand new PlayStation with soap and water, don’t say anything, just slowly turn around and leave…. or you’ll be next!

#7 The sleeping beauty

Whether they are napping the stress away or they just don’t care, for this type, the COVID-19 pandemic will literally be over in a blink of an eye. From the bed to the couch then the bed again, round and round and round it goes.

#8 The one eating his/her feelings away

This is the one who stocked the house with all sorts of food and snacks, and then ate them all the first two days of quarantine.

Sounds familiar to you? If so, don’t worry. This is your coping mechanism, and it is perfectly fine as long as you’re not eating everyone else’s food. I mean, is there really that much else to do anyway?

#9 The safest one

These are the ones who are living their best moments. Everyone else is complaining, while life is just going on normally for the introverts.

Coronavirus doesn’t even scare them for they are too safe and too powerful in their own secret world. The indoor is their haven and they wouldn’t want to go out on a normal day, anyway.

#10 The Tarneeb master

The first thing these people will do when the pandemic is over is joining the Tarneeb/400/Tawleh championship. They are getting too good at it due to all the practice they are getting.

They’ll put the effort to even teach their kids or younger siblings the game, just so they can have someone to play with. If there’s absolutely no one, they’ll study hacks and techniques, or just play online.

#11 The Netflix binge-watcher

These movie-passionates are having the time of their life! Trapped at home with hours to fill like never before has ensued the best of times for them to indulge in their passion for movies.

After all, the conditions are perfect for a marathon binge-watch, and nothing to stop them to go on 24/7 watching all that’s possible and impossible.

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