Woman Caught Using Fake Doctor Stamp In Beirut To Get Tranquilizers

Woman Caught Using Fake Doctor Stamp To Get Herself Tranquilizers In Beirut

A recent investigation led Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) to a woman who had been tricking pharmacies in Beirut and Mount Lebanon into selling her tranquilizers.

On October 28th, a pharmacy employee filed a complaint to the ISF regarding a woman who stole her wallet while getting tranquilizers from the pharmacy where she worked.

The employee said that the prescription that the thief used to buy the drugs was suspicious.

“After close follow-up, and as a result of the extensive investigations carried out by the [Aramoun] platoon, the platoon managed to determine the identity of the suspect and her whereabouts,” the ISF issued in a statement on Monday.

The suspect, identified as “N.Q.,” is a woman in her 50s. When she was arrested on October 31st, she was found to have a counterfeit doctor’s stamp and a number of prescriptions that she had stolen.

“Upon her interrogation, she confessed to what was attributed to her, and that she had committed theft and obtained tranquilizers based on forged prescriptions, from various pharmacies in Beirut and Mount Lebanon,” the statement explained.

The ISF noted that the suspect was wanted with 3 arrest warrants related to cheque fraud.

With that said, the ISF shared the woman’s photograph and asked those who have fallen victim to her crimes to go to the Aramoun ISF platoon center or to call 05-818503, in preparation for taking the necessary legal measures.

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Woman Caught Using Fake Doctor Stamp In Beirut To Get Tranquilizers

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