These Restaurants Around The World Are Donating To Disaster Relief In Beirut

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It is a harrowing time for Lebanon and the Lebanese around the world. It is acutely painful for the residents of Beirut, who have lost more than they can bear in a blink of an eye. However, the global response to Beirut’s explosion was immense.

Responding to Lebanese people’s plea not to donate money to the government, which they don’t trust, restaurants around the world are doing their part to help by donating to various NGOs in Lebanon that are helping Beirut in this time of crisis.

Local, regional, and even international restaurants are donating a percentage -if not all- of their sales to different Lebanese non-governmental organizations.

Aleph Eatery – Vancouver, Canada

Nuba – Vancouver, Canada

Saasna – Qatar

The Meat Avenue – Dubai

Bait Maryam – Dubai

Yafa Cafe – Winnipeg, Canada

Pistachoux – Dubai

Sweets of Paradise – Alberta, Canada

Mare Nostrum – Windsor, Canada

The Custard Hut – Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Bekka – Victoria, Australia

Le Cedre – Warsaw, Poland

Malgoom Shawarma – Bahrain

Mamnoon & Its Siblings Restaurants, Seattle, USA

Their restaurants donating:

  • Mamnoon,
  • Mamnoon Street,
  • MBar

“Beitna” Initiative, Washington DC Restaurants, USA

Restaurants involved:

  • Maydan,
  • Compass Rose,
  • Zikrayet/Asmar’s Foods,
  • Residents Cafe & Bar/Muncheez,
  • Albi,
  • Lucky Buns,
  • Coin Mezze,
  • Z&Z Za’atar,
  • Lei Musubi,
  • The Green Zone,
  • Anju,
  • Lebanese Taverna,
  • Capo Speakeasy.

Tasse Bakery, Calgary, Canada

What Georgie Craves, Dubai

Just Crackers, Dubai

If you are in any of these cities, you know what to do!