You Can Now Meet With The World’s Top-Ranked Universities In UAE For Your Master’s

You Can Now Meet With The World’s Top-Ranked Universities For Your Master's

So you have just done-and-dusted your Bachelor’s, and are trying to figure out where to head next. Or maybe you are in your penultimate year of college and are flustered by the range of options you would have when you graduate.

Like many students at this point in their lives, you are wondering whether you should go for a Master’s Degree or take a job.

Or maybe you are a professional considering a change of career for a higher job position and salary or looking to advance in your current one, and you wonder if you can also benefit from a Master’s Degree.

Some even end up wondering whether a Master’s Degree has any point at all, and they should give up on the idea altogether.

If you too have pondered on this issue, we are here to help! 

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

Leading international higher education network Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is inviting postgraduates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are seeking or considering a Master’s Degree, to meet top universities through an upcoming free virtual event.

The QS Virtual Masters Event will give you an exceptional opportunity to interact with admissions directors of highly reputable schools the likes of the University of Cambridge, Kogod School of Business, Sauder School of Business, University of Bath School of Management, and many others.

The Virtual Masters’ Event takes place on February 12th & It’s Free. Book your Place now!

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

The online event will take place on February 12th and is completely free. It also comes with other great opportunities.

The deadline for registration is 48 hours before the event. Candidates are advised to start registering now to book their places and ensure a personalized meeting since spaces for these meetings are limited.

Registered candidates are also advised to keep checking the landing page for updates on the list of attending universities and more.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Event & Seek A Master’s Degree

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

1. Power Your Knowledge

Don’t see a Master’s as just a degree to be completed because you have to. It can be much more than that if you open yourself to taking full advantage of it.

A Master’s degree can be a golden opportunity to equip yourself with vital knowledge and skills, which can come in handy when you’re working in the field, notably in highly specialized or academically-oriented fields.

2. Navigate the Rat Race

However much you want, you cannot deny the reality that it is a competitive world out there in the job market. With a plethora of candidates flaunting multiple degrees, a Master’s degree has become somewhat of a staple than a supplement.

In a world where organizations have a repository of over-qualified candidates to choose from, being a “B.A Pass” just won’t suffice. To have a standing chance in this race, a Master’s Degree is often indispensable. 

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

3. Step Up your Game

A Master’s helps you move your way up the professional ladder. In order to build the right kind of competencies needed to perform in the professional space, you need a more precise focus and exposure.

A Master’s Degree helps you gain industry knowledge through internships, advanced projects, and has a keen focus on developing professional skills. It helps you bridge the gap between student and professional life.

4. Polish Your Intellect

Let’s not forget the more traditional purpose of education, which is to develop your intellect and understanding. 

A Master’s degree provides plenty of opportunities for that, with its focus on classroom discussions and critique. You are encouraged to go beyond the material to form a deeper understanding of the subject and see it through a critical lens.

Not just that, Master’s programs are usually research-oriented, and universities require you to conduct regular research, publish research papers in academic journals, and keep up-to-date with ongoing research in the field.

Most Master’s degrees culminate in the writing of a Master’s thesis/dissertation, which adds value to your profile, especially for academically-oriented fields.  

5. Fast-Track Your Career

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

A Master’s Degree can be a boon if you desire to boost your career. Companies realize the value and skill addition a Master’s Degree entails and thus they give strong weightage to it.

Many organizations set a minimum eligibility criterion of postgraduate education for their recruits, and they also assign more advanced projects to such employees.

Thus, post-graduation enhances both the quantity and quality of the job opportunities you get. Additionally, you can also expect higher salaries and faster career growth following your post-graduation.

The Virtual Masters’ Event takes place on February 12th & It’s Free. Book your Place now!

Education is not just about academics and professional learning; it goes above and beyond this traditional function to aid your personal development.

To find out more, join the QS Virtual Connect Master event in UAE on February 12th to find the right Master’s program for you and speak to admissions directors from universities all around the world in 25-minute personalized meetings.

The attendees will receive a free consultation and access to an exclusive pool of scholarships!  

The Virtual Masters’ Event takes place on February 12th & It’s Free. Book your Place now!

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You Can Now Meet With The World’s Top-Ranked Universities In UAE For Your Master’s

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