10 Things That Make You Appreciate Your Lebanese Siblings

While siblings can, in most of the time, come as a blessing in many cultures, there’s that special thing about Lebanese brothers and sisters that you can never find elsewhere. They truly bring all the goodness and joy in the world into this brotherhood and sisterhood that form the family. We know deep inside that whatever and no matter what we do we can neither thank them enough nor repay them back. If you are lucky enough to have a Lebanese sister and/or brother, below are 10 blessings that come along with them, in case you take them for granted!


#1. They’re the shoulder you lean on

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Siblings do nail it in that. Whenever you feel down, stressed-out, or angry, they won’t let you be until they know what’s happening to you. And if you don’t tell them what’s going on, they will activate their FBI investigation skills and ask everyone else about you. Further to that, they will lend you their ears for as long as you want to talk and won’t leave you until you feel well and comforted! How adorable is that?!


#2.  They’re your second bank account

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If I want to personally count the sum of money my brother or sister have given me during the times when I was broke (and I insist on timeS), they would have probably used that amount to open and run their own businesses. What’s emotionally overwhelming about it is that they can sense your financial brokenness without you even speaking about it!


#3. Their closet is yours

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Even if this would lead to a huge fight when they can’t find in their closet that top or jacket you have borrowed, they would soon feel so sorry for scolding you that they want to make it up to you. In any case, no one has ever felt really scolded because of that and we continue to “steal” their clothes with a sense of fear, guiltiness, and phobia of them finding out!


#4. They’re your mediators

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How many times have you turned to one of your siblings for support in approaching your parents with a matter you thought of delicate importance to you (even if it isn’t)? How many times did you really want to go on camping or on a night out with your friends, for example, and asked your older siblings to intervene and convince your parents? Shout out to them for always having our back and doing so wholeheartedly and happily!


#5. They’re your advisors

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Particularly if they’re older than you, your siblings will feel responsible and accountable for you. Unlike some parents who tend to “lecture” you about their lessons learnt, your brothers and sisters will do it in a friendlier way, considering the tiny age gap between you. They are always ready, once again, to endlessly lend you their ears and assist you during your hard times, all while doing it so smoothly and kindly.


#6. They’re your tutors

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If you come to map out all these essays they have helped you with (or most probably have entirely done on your behalf), you would know how blessed you are! Either it’s that dissertation they supported you on, or that exam they helped you study for, siblings are truly irreplaceable!

Even though my sister used to wrongly teach me the math equations when I was a kid, and which led to me failing the test back then, I wouldn’t forget in my entire existence her positive anxiety about me. Years later, she has even helped me in drafting my own CV! Thank you, sis, you rock!


#7. They know what to fill your tummy with

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Regardless of the times when you used to hide that chips’ bag away from them or eat them on the stairs (like I used to do), your siblings are so considerate when it comes to food! Whenever they want to order or cook something, they count you in and make sure to fill your stomach will all the food’s goodness!


#8. Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

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It applies more to those who have their siblings living and working abroad. I remember when my sister used to work in the KSA, she used to bring me what seemed like the whole country in a package, all while only bringing with her the clothes she will be wearing during her stay. No matter what we do, we can’t thank them enough really!


#9. They’re the internal technical experts

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For some unknown reasons, whenever our laptop, TV, phone, or even the fridge and lights are down, we tend to seek their help, while they may not even be in charge to do so, yet they always nail it! For instance, I remember that my brother has set up all our TV channels after, of course, my mother has knocked his head off…


#10. Their kids source you with joy!

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Even if it happens that you regret your existence when their kids mess up your stuff and around your house, and even if you come to kneel down and kiss the floor with gratitude (as we say in Lebanese) moments after they leave, you can’t deny the bundle of happiness and joy they fill you with these little tiny creatures!


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