11 Traditional Lebanese Sweets Shops In Lebanon You Should Try At Least Once

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It is well-known that Lebanese sweet confectioners are among the best as they excel in their creation of delicious desserts, especially the traditional ones that are a blissful delight.

While Lebanese cuisine is nowadays found in most countries of the world, there is something special about our traditional and classic desserts when made locally with local products and by local chefs.

The Lebanese people might have a sweet tooth, relishing in desserts of all types of cuisine, yet, when it comes to Lebanese sweets, the temptation is inevitable.

From the delightful Knefe and Znoud El-Sitt to the succulent Layali Loubnan and Halewet El Jeben, passing by the Mafroukeh, the Osmallieh, and the Maamoul in its varieties, and more, they all just make our day much better.

So here are some of the most loved sweet shops across the country for you to try at least once:

Al Baba Sweets – Various Locations

Established in 1950, Al Baba Sweets serves high-quality Oriental and French sweets in Sidon, Tayouneh, Koreytem, and Chtoura, and even in the UAE and Qatar!

Contact: 71 455 733 – 76 883 305.

Sea Sweet – Various Locations

Known for serving great ice cream and Knefeh, among many others, Sea Sweet has been the place to go to taste delicious Lebanese and international desserts since 1973.

The pastry shop has eleven branches around the country, including Chtaura, Furn El Chebbak, Hazmieh, Jal el Dib, Sin El Fil, Mekseh, Zahle, and Zouk Mosbeh.

Contact: 05 450 702.

Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons – Various Locations 

Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons is one of Lebanon’s most famous and oldest pastry shops offering oriental sweets, pastries, chocolate, and ice cream since 1881.

Located in Akkar, Antelias, Beirut, Chtoura, Hadath, Jbeil, Jnah, Jounieh, Kousba, Sin El Fil, and Tripoli.

Contact: 1881 or 06 444 445.

Douaihy – Various Locations

Situated in Jal El Dib, Beirut Airport, Zalka, Jounieh, Achrafieh, and Dekwaneh, Douaihy offers exquisite Lebanese desserts and a wide range of specialty pastries, ice cream, and confectionaries for sweet lovers.

Contact: 04 715 215 – 03 244 435.

Al Tom Delights – Various Locations

Al Tom Delights is a reputable family-owned Lebanese sweets shop. Since 1919, it has been selling a wide range of delicious pastries across the country.

You can find Al Tom Delights in Tripoli (06 225 555), Byblos (09 944 998), Halba (06 696 244), and Al Miniye (06 464 663).

Safsouf Sweets – Beirut

Since 1930, Safsouf Sweets has been delivering Lebanese delights for sweet lovers in Tarik el Jdideh, Beirut.

Contact: 01 704 504.

Amal Bohsali – Various Locations

Amal Bohsali is one of the longest-established family businesses in Lebanon. In 1878, Salim Bohsali opened the first outlet in Martyrs’ Square, Beirut.

Since then, it has been serving traditional pastries, as well as international, in Koraytem (01 785 566), Hamra (01 345 600), and Jal El Dib (04 720 777).

Al Sultan Sweets – Various Locations

With the main ambition of offering quality desserts, Al Sultan Sweets has been offering the best traditional sweets and other “miscellaneous treats” to fill your sugar craving since 1989!

The shop is located in Nabatieh (07 761 418 – 76 695 719), Blvd Sayed Hadi (01 552 538 – 71 700 610), Ghazieh (76 663 996), and Kfarjoz (07 532 350 – 76 969 103).

Kanaan Sweets – Sidon

If you are visiting the beautiful coastal city of Sidon, try Kanaan Sweets, a pastry shop serving authentic oriental and international cuisine and sweets since 1954.

Contact: 07 729 104 or 07 733 330.

Si Bon – Various Locations

You and your friends can taste the best traditional pastry, confectionary, and ice cream at Si Bon, which is located in Dekweneh, Zalka, Zouk Highway, Jeita, Rabieh, Hadath, and Mansourieh.

Contact: 01 689 707

Al Haidari Sweets – Beirut

If you want to taste exquisite traditional sweets and more items in an oriental setting, then head to Al Haidari Sweets in Beirut for an optimum oriental experience.

Contact: 70 723 004 – 70 793 004.