40+ Must-See Sights In Al-Qubayyat, Lebanon


A town inhabited since the iron and copper ages (3000 years BC), Al-Qubayyat in Akkar, 95 Km from Beirut, is home to archeologic sites and historic and religious monuments and sites.

It was known since ancient times as fertile and abundant with springs. Thus, its Aramaic name, meaning “big pools of water” for its abundance of water sources.

Findings attest to the times of the Phoenicians and that the Greeks and Romans explored it, lived in it, and traded with the natives; pieces of currency of these three great civilizations could be viewed in two of the town’s old churches.

Al-Qubayyat, also written as Kobayat, was at a very important trade route for these civilizations towards Rome, including the Byzantine, and had also witnessed historical conflicts with the Umayyad dynasty.

In addition to many of these ancient sites, Al-Qubayyat is worth the road trip North for its amazing natural sceneries and outdoor activities, including hiking and camping.

A glorious green land

The Helesban Valley

Beautiful majestic trees

Remants of past times

St Artimos-Challita, originally a temple for the god “Ban”

Notre-Dame The Cleanser (Saydet El Ghassalet)

Saydet El-Kamaa Church stands out between two valleys

Our Lady of Shahlo Church, built on a Phoenician site

Mar Doumit Monastery

Home to an amazing nature reserve: Karm Chbat

Horseback riding in the wilderness

A hidden paradise to explore

Ideal place for hiking

Instagrammable everywhere…

Nope, it isn’t Switzerland

Ancient silk factory

Camping sites

Local street art

Fascinating sceneries in winter

The Oudine Valley of Al-Qubayyat

An Ecodome private residence

Glorious sun sets…

When the fog rises…

Keep your camera handy while exploring Al-Qubayyat’s nature!

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