Ex-Minister Major General Ashraf Rifi: Car Of Lokman Slim’s Killers “Linked to Hezbollah”

France 24 | Al Arabiya

During a recent interview with Al-Hadath, the former Justice Minister and former Internal Security Forces chief Major General Ashraf Rifi called the assassination of political activist Lokman Slim a “prime act of terrorism,” adding that “all the clues point to Hezbollah.”

The clues, according to Rifi, are the location of the murder, the fact that Slim had previously received threats from Hezbollah, and that Hezbollah benefits from taking out a critic, especially if that critic is Shia.

It is to note that Lokman Slim was not just a simple critic opposing Hezbollah but an influential and highly respected one in the Shia community and beyond.

Rifi indicated that he doesn’t trust or have faith in the current Lebanese authorities, claiming they are at the will of Hezbollah.

With help from a highly-trusted foreign intelligence agency to follow up on the case, Rifi learned that there was surveillance footage of one of the cars of the killers and that it belongs to someone who is linked to Hezbollah.

Rifi also said that there are three pieces of evidence that would help uncover the truth: the finding of Slim‘s glasses, his mobile phone, and knowing the type of bullet that killed him.

He also assured the Lebanese people that a thorough investigation is underway, even if it won’t be recognized by local authorities, but that evidence would be provided to Slim‘s lawyer.

From his end, caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi said that there was nothing new to report about the investigation into Slim‘s assassination and that he hoped Lebanese security agencies would have leads that would help the case.

Later, in a tweet, Rifi reminded that on the day of the assassination, Slim‘s sister said there was no need for an investigation because they “knew who the killer was”. “We know the murderer but we demand justice,” he added.

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