Head Of Bakeries Syndicate Assures Lebanese People Bread Won’t Run Out

Lebanese Gov't Considers Removing Bread Subsidy, Handing Out Coupons
Akhbar Alaan

After fears of an imminent bread crisis overcame the Lebanese, the head of the Syndicate of Bakery Owners, Ali Ibrahim, has assured the public that bakeries will continue to run normally.

“The cry we let out about the bread crisis resonated with those concerned, and therefore I assure people that there will be no closure of bakeries and no interruption of bread,” Ibrahim told El-Nashra on Monday.

The director of the Zahrani Power Plant, he said, has assured the Bakery Owners Syndicate that diesel fuel was available and that fuel tankers would be unloading soon, signaling the nearing alleviation of the fuel crisis.

In a separate statement, Ibrahim thanked the Lebanese Army for providing diesel fuel and for its keenness on maintaining social security.

Ibrahim had warned on TV a day prior of a looming bread crisis caused by the shortage of fuel.

He had revealed that bakeries did not have enough diesel fuel and “could close in the next few days,” calling for swift action by the concerned authorities.

This comes a few days after the Lebanese Economy Ministry raised the price of bread again.

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