Beirut Port Is Getting A MASSIVE Makeover!

The Beirut Port Authority commissioned the rehabilitation and extension of the Beirut Port and it looks absolutely beautiful! The Dar Group have been commissioned by the Beirut Port authority for this project. The engineering firm was launched in 1956 by four professors from the American University of Beirut (AUB). It now has 10,250 staff members and operate in 40 offices across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe – with 1 of their 5 principal design centers being in Beirut, Lebanon.

Some of their latest work include the expansion of the Dubai International Airport and the development of the Doha Beach Park. They have previously worked on rehabilitating the existing cargo area, but now, they are in to give the Beirut Port a massive makeover! The aim of the new development is to create a community-oriented project on the waterfront.

In a few of the pictures, you notice massive cruise ships. Within this project, there’s a plan to not only develop the port to accommodate cruises, but to actually transform Beirut into a Mediterranean Cruise capital. The area will be developed to accommodate a flexible use of the land. This includes urban cruise port terminals, cultural and entertainment zones on the water, and community activities – including markets,  events and exhibitions. Design elements include decks, pedestrian bridges, observation platforms and shelters, features such as light towers, and recycled materials such as reused containers and industrial elements. This is how the current Beirut port looks like: Hopefully, some green space will be in the project!

Source: Dar

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