Remember The Prototype Bike Lane In Beirut? People Are Already Driving Over it (Photos)

It hasn’t even been a few days since

we announced the prototype bike lane

in Beirut. The bike lane announcement was received with quite a bit of skepticism – particularly in regards to safety. Well, it was quite evident why… These are the pictures submitted to The961 showing cars driving completely over or right on the line of the bike lane in Beirut:

This driver seems to think it’s a parking lane…Other than driving over a bike lane, this driver shouldn’t be stopping their car there either.

But hey, that bike lane seems to be the ONLY lane on that road…More cars driving on the lane…

The introduction of the bike lane comes as part of a bigger project of making Beirut bike-friendly. The Beirut bike sharing system was recently launched as well. This prototype bike lane, if all goes well, will be extended throughout the city making travelling by bike easier in Beirut. As a note, there is no financial burden on the city and municipality of Beirut for this project.

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