Breaking: 6 New Coronavirus Cases in Lebanon, Total of 99

Lebanon coronavirus (COVID-19) update March 14th
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The Ministry of Public Health just released its daily COVID-19 report, confirming 6 new cases in the past 24 hours. This brings the total to 99 coronavirus infections in Lebanon.

On Sunday, March 15th, the ministry stated: “As of the 15th of March 2020 at noon, the total of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 99, including those diagnosed in Rafik Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported in other university hospitals.”

The report also said that the ministry’s medical teams “continue to monitor samples from all suspected cases, as well as monitor all contacts and arrivals from countries experiencing a local spread of the virus.”

Moreover, the ministry is undergoing an “epidemic investigation on some of the cases diagnosed recently.”

All citizens are urged “to adhere to the strict measures issued by the official references, and to stay in their houses, except when absolutely necessary,” the ministry also affirmed.

Notably, a day prior to this report, Rafik Hariri University Hospital said that its medical team had placed 6 suspicious cases in quarantine awaiting their laboratory test results.

The number of critical COVID-19 cases remains 2 as of Saturday, according to Hariri Hospital’s report. The rest of the cases are in stable condition, and all are receiving the necessary medical treatment.

Also on Saturday, the Ministry of Public Health announced the total number of cases to be 93, after 15 new cases were recorded in Lebanon.

6 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Lebanon
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After that report, the ministry issued a statement declaring a new plan of action to help fight against the epidemic.

The plan involves utilizing private hospitals across Lebanon to identify suspicious cases and deal with them accordingly.

Minister Hassan asked these hospitals to receive all cases that visit them as usual and examine them according to the professional principles of their diagnosis,” the statement said.

Then, “those suspected of carrying the coronavirus are to be referred to Hariri University Hospital (and at a later stage the government hospitals that are being prepared for this), according to the approved definitions.”

Not only that but when the total number of COVID-19 cases surpasses the capacities of government hospitals to contain them, “T1-rated private hospitals will be accredited to receive and treat cases of coronavirus.”

LBCI has revealed new numbers related to COVID-19 in Lebanon
Via LBC Group

A report recently released by LBCI revealed new information regarding the numbers of COVID-19 in Lebanon. The report indicated the following:

  • 12 cases from Iran infected 5 people in Lebanon.
  • 1 case from Italy infected 34 people.
  • 1 case from Egypt infected 17 people.
  • 4 cases from the United Kingdom infected 7 people.

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