Breaking: The Bisri Valley Is On Fire!

The Bisri Valley Is On Fire!
Annahar | Al-Jadeed

A rapidly spreading fire broke out in the Bisri Valley on Saturday afternoon.

The fire was reported by locals who rushed to attempt to control it before it spirals out of control.

Civil Defense firefighters have since arrived at the scene and are working to extinguish the blaze, which is being carried and spread through the valley by the strong winds in the area.

Videos spreading online show the growing fire engulfing trees and grass as social media users are calling on nearby residents to rush to the aid of the firefighters and volunteers working to control it.

It is notable that a significant amount of dry grass is apparently present in and around the area of the flames, which risks their faster spread through the dense vegetation.

As of the time of writing, no official statements have been issued regarding the fire or its possible cause.

On a side note, the Bisri Valley has been a controversial region for a long time, due to the dam project that the Lebanese state had been working to create, which threatened to decimate vast natural areas.

Recently, the activists who have been fighting to protect the valley rejoiced after the World Bank canceled its funding of the project, effectively halting its progress. This fire comes 2 weeks after the cancellation.

Since the fateful day of August 4, Lebanon has witnessed several major fires that sparked outrage among the Lebanese people, who blame them on the ruling class and their negligence.

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