There’s A New Documentary About The Tragedy That Left 4 Lebanese Children Dead In Australia


Four Lebanese children were killed in a tragic accident in Oatlands, Sydney, in 2019 when a drunk driver hit seven kids riding their bikes on a sidewalk, claiming the lives of three siblings: Anthony Abdallah (13 years old), Angelina Abdallah (12 years old), and Sienna Abdallah (9 years old).

These three angels are the kids of Danny Abdallah and Leila Geagea. The fourth victim, Veronique Sakr, is the daughter of Dany’s cousin.

People from all around the world mourned the death of the four innocent kids, and thousands attended their funerals.

The Abdullahs, who lost three of their six children, shocked the world with their faith and strength 9 months ago and they are continuing to do so.

SBS Arabic24’s new documentary on the tragedy is entitled: “The Outlands Disaster: The Great Sadness That United a Community.”

The news outlet, which offers daily coverage of Australian and international news, described the documentary as following: “How did this family forgive the killer of its three children? Dany and Leila Abdullah talk about the loss of three of their six children in the Oatlands incident that shook the entire Australian community.”

It continues: “A new documentary produced by SBS Arabic 24 and special footage of the seven children moments before the accident, in addition to exclusive interviews with the family, friends, and members of the community.”

The parents talk about the moments before, during, and after the accident, their relationship with their kids, as well as the sense of community and unity and how it helped them deal with their tragedy.

People from all walks of life came to console the family and to help them.

Leila, Danny, and the kids’ grandfather also share memories and precious moments they had with Anthony, Angeline, and Sienna. They describe life after such a great loss and how they are dealing with the changes.

And of course, Leila Geagea talks about faith and forgiveness. She is now also planning on writing a book and starting a foundation in her kids’ names so that people won’t forget them.

You can watch the documentary below:

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