Dog abuser put behind bars for the first time in Lebanon

A Lebanese court put a man behind bars for abusing dogs for the first time thanks to the hard work of BETA which is an animal welfare NGO in Lebanon.


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BETA was notified in 2016 that a man in Sin El Fil constantly abuses dogs. Eyewitnesses saw the man tie up a dog to a street pole and run him over to death.

The NGO immediately started investigating the problem and found out that the abuser, whose initials are G.S., was frequently seen catching dogs and putting them in the trunk of his car. God knows what he did to those poor creatures in secret.

Via BETA – Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


BETA started rescuing dogs in the area who were abused by G.S. The NGO filed a lawsuit, and after years of dealing with this case, the sentence was finally announced.

G.S. will be imprisoned for ten days, and he will have to pay a fine of LBP 20,000 ($13.33) and compensation of LBP 4,000,000 ($2,666) to BETA.

Via BETA – Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


The sentence is short because the crimes were committed before the implementation of the Animal Protection and Welfare law which was signed by President Michel Aoun in summer 2017.

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Today, crimes against animals in Lebanon have sanctions up to LBP 50,000,000 ($33,091). Abusers will be imprisoned between three months and two years based on the crime.

As a dog owner, I know how sweet these furry creatures are. Dogs are loving, caring, and make your home a happy place. I cannot understand why people would want to harm innocent animals.

Putting a dog abuser behind bars is a great start for making Lebanon an animal-friendly country! We hope to see more animal abusers face sanctions. We thank all animal NGOs in Lebanon for their hard work.


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