Egypt Just Opened A Free Of Charge Medical Center In Beirut

Lebanon has enjoyed for years a peaceful relationship with many countries in the MENA region, and specifically with Egypt in a close relationship deeply rooted in history.

This bilateral relationship is based on respect and continuous consultation and coordination of views and positions.

The Egyptian Embassy proudly announced on January 14th the opening of a medical clinic in Lebanon to help the Lebanese population during the current economic crisis. 

This is “in the framework of the Egyptian commitment to support Lebanon, especially in light of the current economic conditions, and in solidarity with and support of the brotherly Lebanese people,” the announcement stated.

This medical center is formed of 6 clinics, including surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and ophthalmology.

It is run by a team of specialized doctors and nurses from the Egyptian armed forces. The center is located in Beirut, Qasqas Road, in front of the Khashoggi Mosque.

The center is already open to receive patients free of charge. All patients are welcome, especially those who cannot afford medical treatment and services.  

The center opens its doors to the public 4 days per week from Monday to Thursday, starting at 9:00 AM and until 1:00 PM.

However, the emergency clinic and the reception desk are available throughout the week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

According to the Egyptian Embassy, the center provides medical services and medicine completely free of charge to all those present on Lebanese grounds, including the Egyptian community residing in Lebanon.

The Egyptian Embassy believes that this shows the “importance of strong historical ties between the two brotherly countries.”

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