Families Of Beirut Blast Victims Rallied To Demand An Effective Investigation


The families of Beirut blast victims rallied on Thursday outside the Beirut Justice Palace, to demand a more effective probe for a swift decision on the lawsuits stalling in the Beirut port explosion probe.

The families gathered in front of Beirut Justice Palace, holding up Lebanese flags and statement banners, along with photos of their lost ones, and closed the entrances to the Justice Palace.

They called to support justice in speeding up the resolution of their demands and support Judge Tarek Bitar to resume his investigative work, which has been on to hold for two months due to political interference bringing a case against him.

They also called on Judge Roula Nasri, who is on that particular case, not to “dilute their case through delays in deciding on this matter”.

Judge Nasri “has not been present to decide on this matter,” issued William Noun, the brother of Joe Noun, one of the Lebanese Civil Defense victims.

“She was supposed to decide on this a week ago, and to date, she has not attended, which confirms the dilution of dealing with this issue, which is totally unacceptable,” he added.

The families protesting then broke into the Justice Palace to further make their demands heard. They demanded that the judiciary does “its work more efficiently” in convicting and questioning those involved in the port explosion and to take more complete and effective actions.

The families have been calling for accountability for the murder of their brothers, sisters, parents, children, and relatives for more than 18 months.

They have now made their way inside the Justice Palace and will reportedly remain in until they receive an answer from the appointed judges.

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