Breaking: Al-Dinniyeh North Lebanon Is Burning & Residents Are Calling For Help


A huge fire is raging in the forests of Al-Dinniyeh and is spreading quickly, threatening residents of the village.

The wildfire has been burning for hours and has gone out of control, as Lebanon experiences a heatwave.

The civil defense team that was there putting out the fire has run out of water, and there is no source to retrieve additional supply.

Residents of Al-Dinniyeh are begging for help, as the fire approaches their homes, and their call for help is trending on social media under the hashtag الضنية_تحترق# (Al-Dinniyeh is burning).

People are sharing heartbreaking videos and photos of the fire eating up the forest and moving towards the residents’ houses. Some are heard saying in a video that things are out of control.

“Every night a new disaster robes people of their security, sleep, and stability.”

– Salman Andary, Sky News reporter

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