This Is What Is Needed For The Government To Dissolve According To The Constitution


No amount of logic or cleverness can question the conclusion that the current Lebanese government is, in fact, Hezbollah’s creation.

The only question left to answer is: When will it dissolve after the devastating crisis that happened on August 4th?

According to the Lebanese constitution, there are only six means in which a government can be considered dissolved. They are written in Article 69 and are listed as follows:

1. If the Prime Minister resigns

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a televised speech on Saturday that he intends to propose early elections and would give all political parties a time frame of two months to work on structural reforms.

Unfortunately, contrary to what common sense would indicate, the possibility of his resignation seems extremely low.

2. If the government loses more than a third of the members specified in the Decree forming it

Lebanon’s information and environment ministers resigned on Sunday, and the minister of justice just resigned.

Their resignation came in the wake of large protests solely blaming the political ruling class for the corruption and negligence that allowed 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate to be left unsecured near the city’s port for more than six years.

3. If the Prime Minister dies

At this point, seems far like it.

4. At the beginning of the term of the President of the Republic

Michael Aoun has been the president of Lebanon since October 31, 2016. Automatically, this rule is thrown out the window.

5. At the beginning of the term of the Parliament

We’re definitely not currently dealing with a new parliamentary term. However, nine members of parliament have also resigned ever since the explosion that killed 160 people, injured some 6,000 others, and shook the entire country.

6. When it loses the confidence of Parliament…

…based on the Parliament’s initiative or based on the Council’s initiative to gain confidence.

The Environment Minister himself, Demanios Kattar said while resigning late on Sunday that the ruling system was “flaccid and sterile.” What confidence is there exactly?

For citizens dealing and fighting a catastrophic economic collapse, as well as shattered homes, making way for discussions of new political agreements falls incredibly short, to say the least.

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