From “Sights of nudism” to assassinations, this is what Michel Hayek predicted for Lebanon this year

Every year on New Year’s Eve, Lebanese TV channels host people that predict important events for the upcoming year.

Michel Hayek has been sharing his predictions for more than 3 decades, and each year he surprises us with his accuracy of information.

Via MTV Lebanon

This year, MTV hosted Hayek who shed the light on his visions for 2019.

So what does 2019 have in store according to Michel Hayek?


– Journalists will race to Beirut Hippodrome to cover an important story.

– Sadness will invade a well-known media company.

– Some kind of tension between a remarkable Lebanese duo.

– Odds will be in favor for judges Ghada Aoun and Georges Attieh despite everything planned against them.

– Horrible loss of lives in a fugitive run.

– Things will turn upside down between Jubran Bassil and Nabih Berri.

– Deputy Nehmat Efrem rebels.

– Governmental reforms will see the light.

– The formation of the new cabinet will happen after a long wait.

– General Raymond Edde back in the limelight.

– UNIFIL will face important troubles.

– An extraordinary scenery in the sky of Lebanon.

– Priest Rabih El Khawly will participate in big and beautiful rituals.

– Old buildings will collapse which will generate disapproval from the general opinion.

– A Lebanese TV host will be facing troubles.

– Taymour Jumblatt sticks to his opinion no matter what.

– Important misunderstanding of Minister Elias Bou Saab’s honesty.

– A big operation will be executed in the means of a way of transportation.

– Mar Charbel’s miracles will cause a big astonishment.

– A major mission will include Karim Bakradoni’s name.

– Betrayal from a member of the Free Patriotic Movement.

– An important loss for the March 8 party.

– Patriarch Al-Rahy attitude and decisions will see a change, and his health is not threatened.

– An important personality will come from overseas to help Lebanon.

– Tony Sleiman Frangieh will successfully overcome an obstacle in his way.

– Jubran Bassil will face two unfortunate incidents.

– Non-military Israeli trespassing of the border will cause scandals.

– Chaos in Zouk’s power plant.

– Sights of nudism in Lebanese streets.

– President’s Michel Aoun famous saying “Ya Chaab Lubnan Al Aazim” will be heard once again.

– More from the complicated enigma of Wi’am Wahab.

– Trouble concerning the Russian and Syrian ambassadors.

– Sarkis Sarkis is not done yet with elections.

– Important threats against the Lebanese Shi’a group.

– Freedom of expression will be the cause of an important person quitting.

– A new strategy for 24/24 electricity production and garbage treatments.

– Investigations in an accident concerning a Lebanese helicopter.

– Scandalous exposition of important secret marriages.

– Surprises for the Kaa’ region.

– The closing of schools for an unknown reason.

– The establishment of a secret organization that will plan assassinations.

– Nadine Labaki on an adventure and the best is yet to come.


– Syrian actress Muna Wassef in a surprising event.

– A remarkable military scenario in Syria serving justice.

– Iran will have to leave Syria.

– Consequences for the visit of US president Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia in 2018.

– Saudi football will earn international recognition.

– Trouble in an Egyptian airport.

– Mohammad Salah threatened.

– Grief in Palestine.

– Emirati singer Ahlam will be facing “a storm”.

– New viral epidemic similar to the H1N1 crisis.


– Earthquakes in Turkey.

– Vladimir Putin will be the cause of a chaotic period in the US.

– The popemobile will invade the scene.

– Marine Le Pen in a revengeful situation.

– An event will ruin the French National Football Team win at the Mondial.

– Melania Trump steals the spotlight from her husband.

– Criminal acts in Hollywood.

– Multiple assassination attempts of US president.

– Sylvester Stallone goes down.

Which do you think are more likely to come true this year?

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