The Garbage King Of Beirut Is Back! This Time With Eco-Friendly Planters Built On Roofs!

Lebanese people lost hope for the trash crisis to be solved. Instead of finding a straightforward solution to the rubbish that started

polluting the Mediterranean Sea

, politicians are trying to find the best approach that will benefit them. Thanks to the environmental and industrial engineer Ziad Abi Chaker and the aquaculture specialist Imad Saoud, we can start hoping for a better and cleaner Lebanon again. Abi Chaker, also known as the

Garbage King of Beirut

,  found a way to use rubbish to produce food. In fact, he built eco-friendly vertical planters. They are made of discarded plastic bags and other plastics that cannot be recycled. Also, by using these planters that should be placed on roofs, one can use household waste, industrial waste, and 1 square meter to produce 200 lettuces every 45 days.

How eco-friendly is this project?

Instead of utilizing soil, Abi Chaker uses a combination of cardboards, woods, and branches found in trashcans. That way, not a lot of water needs to be wasted. If adopted, this approach will spread greenery across cities in Lebanon, reduce wastewater, create more job opportunities, and encourage local food production. This project has been carried out by the American University of Beirut.

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