Gebran Bassil Stressed The Caretaker Cabinet Cannot Take Over The Lebanese Presidency Powers

Dalati Nohra

In light of the failure to form a new government, which could lead to a presidential vacancy, political talks emerged recently regarding the option of the current caretaker cabinet, headed by PM Mikati, to enact the presidency powers.

Free Patriotic Movement leader Gerban Bassil stressed that the caretaker cabinet cannot convene or practice the president’s powers. “This would lead to constitutional chaos,” he warned in a press conference that followed a meeting for the FPM’s political council.

“We will not recognize the legitimacy of the resigned government following the end of the president’s term and we will consider it to be usurping power and illegitimate at the parliamentary, constitutional, National Pact, and popular levels, even if the entire world agrees to support it against us,” the FPM chief stressed.

Bassil lashed out at both Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and said that his party “will not recognize the legitimacy of the resigned government” should there be a presidential vacancy.

Hitting back at Berri, Bassil said that in the event of a vacancy, every minister in the government would be a president, and “you will find several Michel Aouns in the government,” he added.

And snapping back at Geagea, Bassil stressed that “Michel Aoun will not exit history nor people’s hearts.”

“They are trying to make people forget that they were militia warlords who destroyed Lebanon,” one should be part of history in order to be able to expel others from it and his history should be one other than the killing of children, and honorable fighters,” Bassil added, referring to Geagea.

Criticizing PM Najib Mikati, Bassil said that he revealed his intention in the past to some ministers, and yesterday he openly announced that he can assume the president’s powers.

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