Ghosn’s Daughter Suspected To Have Helped Her Father Escape

Maya Ghosn (Facebook) | Reuters

The Carlos Ghosn saga continues with new revelations on a weekly basis. This week, the word is that Ghosn’s 27-year-old daughter Maya may have played a role-albeit a small one- in her father’s genius escape plan.

Maya Ghosn, a Stanford graduate, spent most of her childhood in Japan and, while she currently works in California, she happened to be visiting Japan right before Ghosn took off.

According to Bloomberg, Ghosn had lunch with Maya during his final hours in Japan before escaping. Later the same day, Maya delivered luggage to a hotel where she met with Peter Taylor, the Lebanese-American son of former Green Beret Michael Taylor.

As widely known now, the Taylors are allegedly Ghosn’s accomplices who smuggled him out of Japan. They are currently fighting for their freedom in a U.S. prison.

Back to Maya, the Japanese authorities say that she dropped off the luggage at Grand Hyatt Tokyo. That’s the same one where Ghosn went to meet the Taylors.

The chauffeur claimed that she had to leave some bags with an “acquaintance” (Peter) because the luggage exceeded the weight limit, and she was about to travel back to the U.S.

“A security-camera image included in the documents identifies Maya Ghosn meeting with Peter Taylor and shows them shaking hands at the Grand Hyatt a little after 2 p.m.,” added Bloomberg.

It remains a mystery whether or not she even knew about her father’s next plans.

The ex-Nissan CEO maintains that his family has nothing to do with his escape and that the escape idea what his and his alone.

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