Carlos Ghosn Admits Helping Everyone Who Stood By Him (Video)

In an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya on Saturday, Carlos Ghosn said that he is helping all the people who helped him escape Japan.

Among those who are accused of allegedly helping him flee Japan are U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Michael Taylor and his son Peter.

Both father and son are under arrest in the United States and wanted by Japan for partaking in Ghosn’s runaway. US Prosecutors have indeed found recently that the former Nissan CEO wired over $800,000 to the Taylors.

However, the Taylors are fighting for their release as they face potential extradition to Japan. Meanwhile, Ghosn resides in Lebanon as a free man.

In addition to the Taylors, seven people were taken into custody in Turkey for their involvement in the operation.

When pressed during the televised interview for further information if he is specifically helping the Taylors, Ghosn abstained from a direct answer. He said that any statement he makes about the escape would put the people who helped him leave Japan in danger.

Smart as he’s known, Ghosn could have meant to redirect the heat from the Taylors with that statement, indicating that those who have helped him are still in Japan.

Whatever his intention in that, one thing seems clear: Ghosn appears adamant to not let down any of those who made his escape possible.

“Rest assured, I am helping out everyone who stood by me as much as I can, financially and in any way I can.”

Carlos Ghosn

Ghosn also ascertained that he’s the mastermind behind his escape, which is not a bit surprising, considering that he had long proven to be a genius of a kind in strategies.

“Ghosn told Al Arabiya he made “the entire plan” for his escape but he had needed information and assistance from people whom he was not ready to endanger by talking about the matter,” reported Reuters.

He also shared that his downfall showed him who was truly loyal that he could count on. “[Friends] are around you when you are successful, but once you get in trouble they fly away,” he said.

The former auto tycoon added that Lebanon had requested his case files from Japan six months ago and they have yet to be sent. “I truly want [Japan] to do so because they [the files] carry the truth,” he said.

Regarding details of his daring escape, which Bloomberg made a video of, Ghosn said that perhaps one day he would be able to talk about it when it doesn’t put anyone at risk.

Ghosn himself had mused over his escape as being worthy of a Hollywood movie. And he wasn’t wrong at all. As of yet, the full “storyline” remains a thrilling mystery, and his escape is still making the headlines.

Watch the interview below:

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