Carlos Ghosn Mused Over Hollywood While Escaping

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New information reported by Reuters reveals that Carlos Ghosn mused about his escape becoming a Hollywood film while on a private jet heading to Beirut.

This new and interesting detail came to light in an Istanbul courtroom on Friday, June 3rd.

“Carlos asked me how much the plane cost… and told me about Hollywood producers who want to make this escape a movie,” Okan Kosemen, the detained Turkish MGN Jet operations manager, told the court.

Kosemen was on trial for helping Ghosn escape custody in Japan. He flew to Beirut with Ghosn, which is when the dialogue took place.

He is also one of the seven people in Turkey that were taken into custody on charges related to the Carlos Ghosn case. All seven pleaded not guilty, according to Reuters.

The ex-chairman of Nissan was awaiting trial under house arrest in Japan until he made a great escape in December. He denies the allegations against him and says that he escaped being unfairly trialed in Japan.

In this video, Bloomberg delved into the details of Ghosn’s “unbelievable and daring” escape, which he himself thinks is a story worthy of the big screen.

Today, Ghosn resides safely in Lebanon but is reportedly considering going back to Brazil.

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