Heartbreaking Video Shows The Living Trauma Of The Families Of The Beirut Blast Victims


With the truth concealed and justice still unserved, the families of the Beirut Blast victims haven’t been given any closure that could help them overcome their trauma and grief.

Time has passed since the doomsday of August 4th, 2020 with no answers as of yet, and the trauma is still shaking the days and nights of the families, including the kids who lost a parent.

The Lebanese nation and the world have been witnessing the countless protests of the families demanding justice, but little have the ears and eyes entered the homes of these families to see the emotional distress they live in daily.

The Lebanese film director Gilbert Karam made it a point to show it to the public this Christmas season. He released a heartbreaking video, produced by Hiba J. Louis Karam, depicting the trauma that has never left the Hitti household in Kartaba ever since the Beirut Blast.

Karlen Hitti, who starred in this painful video clip along with her little daughter, had lost more than one loved one. The Beirut Blast killed her husband, her brother, and her cousin.

Heartbreaking as it is, the video clip is not just about one family. It is a sample of the many families who lost their loved ones to the Beirut Blast.

They have been all left hanging on to their pain without any answers, without any reasons, and without their loved ones beside them. Many children now live without a mother or a father, and many mothers still cry every night in distress.

The director Gilbert Karam posted the video on social media with this caption:

“This film is dedicated to the heroes who passed away while on duty, to the innocent souls who were sentenced to death just because they lived on this small piece of land. They deserve all the appreciation, they deserve justice.”

They certainly do.

The video ends with the daughter asking her mother: “Mommy, who killed daddy?”

Every holiday since August 4th, 2020, a video like this one surges on social media in Lebanon as the families of the victims continue to grieve without closure, and the nation continues to demand the truth and justice.

The victims are not forgotten nor will ever be the neglect of the successive governments that eventuated in an unforgivable consequence.

Remember them.

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Heartbreaking Video Shows The Living Trauma Of The Families Of The Beirut Blast Victims

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