Photos/Video: Ammonium Nitrate & Possible Tunnel Found At Alleged Hezbollah Missile Factory In Beirut

Late in September, all attention in Lebanon suddenly shifted to a warehouse in Beirut, particularly in Jnah, where Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged that Hezbollah was running a missile factory.

In response, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah. invited reporters to tour the warehouse in Jnah but asked for an hour after his speech ends. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that reporters were able to enter.

It was shown to be void of such materials by the Hezbollah members who organized the tour, and the matter was settled…

Except, it was not.

On November 14th, Sawt Beirut International published an article containing images and videos taken from that particular warehouse showing there was ammonium nitrate stored.

Journalist Rabih Tlais, who wrote the article and was personally present in the warehouse at the time, said that he got to an upper floor where there was no one except the crew members of Al-Manar, a Hezbollah-controlled media outlet.

“We went up to consolidate our suspicions, and we had miraculously escaped after our hands touched the nitrate pellets while trying to tear apart one of the bags – covered with a nylon cover for camouflage – and ammonium nitrate was found in it,” Tlais wrote.

Furthermore, he pointed out that there was a room at the end of the compound with a breach in one of its walls, apparently created with a sledgehammer.

While no journalists were able to go past the room through the makeshift door, it was believed to lead to a vault or an underground tunnel, he said. The only thing that was certain was that the room itself contained empty containers of distilled water.

The presence of distilled water, ammonium nitrate, and metal frames shaped like warheads (at the 15-second mark in the video at the end of this article), not to mention the established suspicion surrounding the nature and purpose of the warehouse, solidify the case that the compound is a factory established for the purposes of making explosive devices and warheads, the journalist indicates.

The report provides pictures and a video taken inside the warehouse during the September tour to support the case.

The video that shows both the base and upper floors of the compound is presented below:

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