Lebanese Internal Security Forces just caught over 15 tonnes of drugs

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) seized over 15 tonnes of hashish in a warehouse in Ouzai, according to a


. The drugs were hidden in paint buckets that belong to a paint factory in Kesserwan that has nothing to do with the trafficking. All the members of the gang were arrested. They were trying to smuggle the drugs abroad. The investigation is ongoing. Similar materials that are seized by the ISF or the Lebanese Army are burned. This is one of the largest drug busts in Lebanon. Last year, the

Lebanese Army raided three of the homes owned by the Lebanese drug lord

, Ali Nasri Shamas. In several raids conducted that day, the Lebanese Army confiscated the following:

  • An unregistered Honda vehicle
  • Two RPG launchers
  • 4.5 kilograms of cocaine
  • 14.5 kilograms of hashish
  • Tools used for manufacturing drugs.

Ali Shamas is wanted on several hundred charges for drug trading, owning unlicensed weapons, among other violations.

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