The ISF Busted 8 ISIS Cells Plotting Terrorist Attacks Across Lebanon

Maryland State Bar Association

On Wednesday, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that its Intelligence Branch dismantled eight ISIS-linked cells across Lebanon plotting terrorist attacks.

In its statement, the ISF revealed that they arrested 30 individuals and that the arrests happened between July and October in Bekaa, Beirut, the North, the South, and Mount Lebanon.

“After they were interrogated, it turned out that they had been plotting to target military and security centers and various religious and civilian gatherings,” the ISF indicated.

Most of the 30 detainees are Lebanese nationals, while the others are Syrian and Palestinian nationals, and one of them is Egyptian.

The ISF highlighted that the arrests were not made public to avoid affecting the tourism season.

Adding that those achievements are “clear evidence of the readiness of this institution […] despite all the difficult circumstances that the country is going through.”

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