Breaking: Israeli Military On High Alert, Fires Illuminating Shells Over Lebanon

Israeli Military On High Alert And Launches Illuminating Shells Over Lebanon

The Israeli military is on high alert on the border with Lebanon after reporting a security incident close to midnight Tuesday.

After noticing suspicious activity on the border, the military launched a barrage of 155-mm illuminating projectiles over several southern Lebanese areas.

The Israeli Army’s spokesperson reported a security incident and said that some roads have been closed as a result, adding that the details of the incident were under examination.

Around 30 illuminating shells were reportedly launched over the southern villages of Meiss El Jabal, Houla, and others, amid notable Israeli aircraft activity in the Lebanese airspace. One shell landed in Houla without exploding.

Meanwhile, Israeli military personnel has resorted to cutting light sources in several outposts, particularly those facing Lebanon’s Maroun El Ras.

Additionally, Israeli civilians living close to the border have been ordered to remain in their homes as Lebanese and Israeli media reported explosion and gunfire sounds around the border.

Some reports said that white phosphorus munitions were fired into Lebanese territory.

A breach was reportedly discovered in a fence in one of the Israeli settlements close to Lebanon late on Tuesday, provoking the abrupt Israeli response.

Earlier this week, Hezbollah announced that it had downed an Israeli drone in South Lebanon.

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Breaking: Israeli Military On High Alert, Fires Illuminating Shells Over Lebanon

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