Lebanese American University Just Increased Tuition Fees Following AUB’s Lead


Following AUB’s lead, the Lebanese American University (LAU) today announced it will be increasing the tuition to match the 3,900 LL “semi-official” rate.

In an email sent to the students, the university wrote that it “will keep the dollar basis of its tuition fees unchanged, but will very regrettably have to adjust the amount it charges in LBP.”

“Students will need to opt to settle their fees either in dollars or in Lebanese pounds. Those who go for the latter option should expect to pay an amount in LBP that is a closer indicator of the real costs and value of the education.”

A day earlier, on Tuesday morning, the American University of Beirut (AUB) announced the dreadful news that it will be pricing its dollar rate at 3,900 LL for tuition fees, in accordance with Lebanon’s Central Bank electronic exchange platform rate.

Basically, the Lebanese American University tried to dodge a bullet by keeping the dollar rate at 1,500L.L., but increased the tuition fees in Lebanese Pounds, multiplying it by 3,900.

Students took to social media to voice out their anger, mocking the way LAU decided to go about the rise of the tuition fees.

Unfortunately, thousands of students will be now forced to drop out as they won’t be able to continue paying for their education in these private American institutions.

After news of AUB’s tuition increase broke yesterday, students protested the decision on Bliss Street.

With that, LAU students are expected to follow within the footsteps of their colleagues as they plan on protesting on the grounds of LAU’s lower gate (Beirut and Jbeil campuses) tomorrow at 12 pm.

Independent students of LAU wrote on social media: “Tomorrow, we will stand against this aggression, all of us, whether you’re independent or not, Secular or not, Amal, Future, Ouwet, FPM, this is a fight for our future, we have the right to graduate. This is time for student unity before everything else.”

Up until now, the efforts made by AUB students haven’t yielded any positive results, as no comment by their administration has been made after the protest occurred.

Yet, LAU students are hopeful that by expressing their outcry, the people in a position of power might actually listen and turn the students’ dreams of graduating into a reality.

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