Lebanese Army Helicopters Are Flying Over Tripoli Right Now Telling People To Stay Home

Army of Lebanon | Rami Rizk

A strong firm voice from the sky tells the inhabitants of Tripoli to stay inside.

It’s the Lebanese army in a helicopter circling the city and commanding Tripoli citizens not to leave their homes unless extremely necessary.

COVID-19 cases are increasing drastically in Lebanon. As of today, there are 494 positive cases and 16 deaths. Those are merely the cases recorded.

All over the country, people have been violating the government-imposed lockdown. The streets are becoming crowded with heavy traffic and people walking around, even after the curfew time of 7:00 PM.

In Tripoli, citizens are living a near-to-normal life, especially during the day. However, after 7 PM the traffic reduces, with the occasional pumped-up BMW passing with Hany Shaker echoing in the streets.

There are over 10 cases in Tripoli now, and it is only getting worse.

Just yesterday night, a group of rebellious protesters rioted in the streets near Al-Nour Square unitl the military came to stop them.

In the video below, a group of young men from Tripoli quarantined themselves in a friend’s office because they suspect to have been infected and don’t want to infect others.

As health minister Hamad Hassan has said, we are only in the eye of the storm. If the government does not make efforts to heavily enforce the lockdown, Lebanon will suffer dire consequences.

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