This Lebanese Band Will Use Plastic Waste To Create Its Stage Installation!

Lebanon is still facing a

garbage crisis that has already started to pollute the Mediterranean Sea

. The future of this crisis is unknown, so environmental organizations in Lebanon decided to take this matter into their own hands. Yesterday, Greenpeace and Recycle Lebanon held a beach cleanup at Dalieh of Raouche. The campaign was called “Day without Plastic”. Over 250 volunteers, environmental activists, and artists took part in this cleanup. The goal of this event was to clean the beach and to raise awareness of the trash crisis in Lebanon. The campaign also aimed at raising awareness of the excessive use of plastic in Lebanon. According to Greenpeace, Lebanon produces 700 tons of garbage every day. In fact, Lebanon can easily reduce this amount by not using plastic and use recyclable materials instead. In fact, the

Dalieh of Raouche

is not only suffering from pollution but it is also at risk of getting demolished. This historical site is among the 50 selected sites worldwide listed on the 2016 World Monuments Watch List. The sites that are on this list are at risk of being demolished either by the forces of nature or the impact of social, political, and economic change. The plastic waste that got collected during this cleanup will be used in two ways: 1) To make three-dimensional artwork. 2) To create the stage installation of Mashrou’ Leila’s concert. Mashrou’ Leila is holding a concert at

Ehdeniyat International Festival

. The Lebanese band decided to collaborate with Di-Lab Design Impact Laboratory to add plastic to its stage installation.


Mashrou’ Leila and Greenpeace

This is not the first time that Mashrou’ Leila focuses on environmental issues. Last year, the band teamed up with Greenpeace and participated in its campaign called “Sun Unites Us” to raise awareness of climate change. The band recorded an anthem based on one of their songs called “Falyakon” for the campaign. In fact, the song called “


” (Sea) was recorded and filmed on a raft in the Mediterranean Sea.