Lebanese Boy Plays His Saxophone on Balcony for Self-Quarantined Neighbors (Video)

STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon

The self-quarantine against the coronavirus spread is ongoing in Lebanon, even furthermore with the government announcing on Sunday a national medical emergency and the lockdown of most facilities.

Normally, this could be depressing for anyone in any country. For the Lebanese, it just goes against their all-time dynamic lifestyle and makes them quite restless.

And everybody with a skill or two wants to contribute his or her part to help each other make it through this unsettling phase, especially to their self-quarantined neighbors.

After all, we are all in this together.

This young boy is one of these Lebanese who saw to do his part, and beautifully so. You’ll agree once you hear him playing his saxophone for his self-quarantine neighbors from his balcony in Tripoli. The boy is certainly very skilled!