Lebanese Diaspora In Mexico Renovates Hospital In Lebanon

Lebanese Diaspora In Mexico Renovates Hospital In Lebanon

The Lebanese diaspora in Mexico has renovated the intensive care unit (ICU) of Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui (HLG) in cooperation with the Beirut-based NGO, René Moawad Foundation (RMF).

RMF announced the initiative in a statement on Monday, revealing that Lebanese expatriates in Mexico had raised $500,000 to renovate the hospital’s ICU, which was severely damaged during the August 4 Beirut explosion.

The HLG, which is a university medical center established in 1927 as a non-profit, is one of the five largest and main hospitals of Beirut, reportedly serving about 20% of the capital’s residents.

Ever since the Beirut Blast, efforts have been constant to raise funds to help the hospital implement crucial repairs.

Hopital Libanais Geitaoui

The funds from the Lebanese expatriates in Mexico were raised in cooperation with the Lebanese Embassy in Mexico and the Mexico-based Fundacion Centro Libanes.

According to the René Moawad Foundation (RMF), the renovation project is, on one hand, a contribution to rehabilitating what was destroyed as a result of the Beirut Port blast, and on the other hand, a contribution to facing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

During a tour in the hospital, the CEO of RMF, Michel Mouawad, praised the role of the Lebanese embassy and diaspora in Mexico in securing the funding for the project.

He also saluted “the heroic work carried out by Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui and its administrators who are fighting the difficult conditions, especially after the destruction of the hospital as a result of the explosion.”

It’s worth noting that Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui was one of the several hospitals that received medical supplies donated by the Rotaract Club of Beirut Metropolitan earlier this year.