Lebanese National Library just officially reopened

The National Lebanese Library was open in 1907 next to Hamra street by the Wali Khalil Pacha, the governor of Beirut in Sanayeh.

In 1959, it became home to the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Lebanese University.


In 1999, by the decision of the Council of Ministers, the premises were officially allocated to the National Library. Only in 2006, the faculty was relocated and the National Library took possession of the building.

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The Lebanese government received a 25$ million donation from Qatar for the construction of the library and the renovation of the huge building. 


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The renovations started in 2014 and the entire project was completed by June of this year.

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On Tuesday, President Michel Aoun inaugurated the new National Library. Aoun, alongside Prime Minister-designate Saad El Hariri, had toured the Library’s most valuable collections during the opening ceremony.

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“You, the Lebanese people, are the inheritors of civilization and culture. We have a duty to preserve this heritage amid the present difficulties.” Aoun said.


The event included a musical performance by the Lebanese National Orchestra led by Andre Al-Hajj.

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The library is considered a national treasure due to the large number of books and scripts it houses.


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A big part of our history lies within this library’s walls. We finally have a chance to take a peek into the written wonders of the Sanayeh Library. 


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