Lebanese-owned restaurant chain in Canada is going viral around the world!

People from Halifax, Canada love donairs! For those of you who do not know what donair is, it’s a sandwich filled with roasted beef, tomatoes, onions, and the signature white sauce. It was


Halifax’s official food in 2015. Halifax was introduced to donairs by a Greek immigrant who opened the

King of Donair

in 1973. This city is home to thousands of Lebanese and Greeks. In case you didn’t know,

Halifax was one of the main points of entries for the early Lebanese

who left Lebanon for Canada. There are records of Lebanese arriving as early as the late 1800’s. A good portion of whom arrived from the Diman village and Aakar region of Northern Lebanon. According to


, the Lebanese family, Nahas, have owned this business since the late 1980s. It has several branches in Halifax. The restaurant serves donairs, pizzas, and appetizers. Recently, King of Donair took over social media. The restaurant chain has launched a 24/7 live feed where you can literally watch the meat spinning. Norman Nahas is the Vice President of King of Donair, the President of Oasis Pub & Eatery, and the Vice President of JONO Developments and NANCO Developments. He said that the live stream video passed 500,000 viewers in 144 countries in just 72 hours and went wild in Germany and Russia! The hashtag, which is


, is still trending worldwide! Ever since it got launched, the live stream has been watched in 159 countries, with over 1.1M views and an average watch time of 6:18 mins. Watch the live stream



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