This Is How The Lebanese Are Reacting To The Bread Crisis In Lebanon

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Lebanon is living under constant crises, one after the other and many at once. And if any just happens to subside, it soon returns to creep back into the group that is making people’s life an unrelenting struggle.

Fuel shortage, electricity cuts, wild exchange rate, wheat crisis, and strikes are just a few to mention. This past week, it’s the bread that came under the spotlight of infamous stardom, as the people in Lebanon have been struggling to get their share of bread; the basic needs of living.

Riots and fights at bakeries, and people crying in the humiliation of trying to get one stack of flatbread.


And the Lebanese had to take to social media to share their thoughts and posts about it, with the Lebanese hashtag #bread trending.

Here are some of the most relevant:

Twitter user Khawlaa Diab chose to poetically express how tired she is from her homeland, sharing her sorrow towards what Lebanon has come to – people in lines to get their hands on one stack of bread:

“The last morsel of the poor, they stole it!” the tweet below says, referring to the ruling body.

Twitter user Hasan Dor shared a video of a fight in front of a bakery, saying: “This is the bottom, this is the last spell of patience…”

“Lebanon today,” commented Twitter user Ziad Itani on a sign of empty shelves that says “There is no bread. The bread is at your leader’s.”

Twitter user Tareq Alkarami tweeted: “Lebanese expats are carrying with them bundles of bread in large quantities for their families to Beirut airport amid the flour and bread crisis that Lebanon is experiencing!”

Other people had a fun take on the crisis, where jokes and sarcasm mixed and matched.

Ali Beydoun tweeted: “A pharmacist opened a bakery, he started saying: ‘regular bread is not available. Take Pain au Lait, it’s the same composition’.”

This tweet is typically a comparison to the pharmaceutical state in Lebanon as one cannot get the regularly required medicine but rather gets the alternative due to the first one’s shortage.

A scene that could be mistaken for sports fans standing in long queues to buy a ticket to a major match. It would if it wasn’t in Lebanon. As this Twitter user captioned her tweet: “Crowd on the purchase of tickets for the World Cup 2022.”

And there are those who blame the people who voted again for the same officials or party. “The one who brought the same back and is not finding now bread. faced them, these same ones, and he couldn’t find the #bakerik on the hills


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