5 Lebanese Sayings To Wish Someone A Merry Christmas

Roads are jammed, streets are crowded and people are preparing gifts, food, and outfits for this special celebration.

The whole nation is feeling the Christmas spirit with all the decorations and lighting in towns and cities.

Lebanese people always have funny and sweet sayings and gestures for any celebration. Christmas is just another occasion to show off our eloquence and good intentions.

If you end up in front of a relative on Christmas and didn’t know what to say, here are some Lebanese sayings you could use to break the ice!

#1 “Yen’aad ‘Aalaikoun/’Aalaik/’Aalaike”

The exact translation would be: “I hope that you will celebrate this holiday next year.”

The logical translation would be: “I hope you stay alive so that you could celebrate this holiday next year.”

#2 “Eid Milad Majid”

This is the classical way of wishing someone a “Merry Christmas”. The exact translation would be “Happy Nativity Day”. It is actually considered a formal expression.

#3 “Khallikoun/Khallik/Khallike Fo2 Rassna

This is a very respectful expression that is usually used towards someone older than you or someone who’s in an authoritative position over you. The exact translation is “I hope you stay watching over our heads”.

#4 “Nefrah Mennak/Mennik”

This is the most used expression in any kind of holiday or celebration in Lebanon. The exact translation is: “I hope we celebrate your wedding”.

This expression has caused a lot of trouble and pressure among people especially young men and women who do not feel like getting married anytime soon!

#5 “Woulida El Massih – Halleluia!”

Christmas Eve and Day are all about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This expression is one of the most beautiful things to say on this holiday. You say “Woulida El Massih” and anyone else would reply with “Halleluia!” and that’s how we praise the lord. The exact translation is: “Christ is born, Halleluia!”

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