Concerns Rise Over Students’ Safety At The Lebanese University “Ruled By Gangs”

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The safety and security of students at the state-run Lebanese University (L.U.) is a new national concern after a student named Mohamad Murad shared the story of his attack in the place where he thought he was safe to study. 

The incident took place in the L.U. Hadath Campus, where Murad was approached by university employee Mohamad Msheik who claimed to be a security official of the campus. 

Msheik demanded to take Murad’s ID card, but as Murad didn’t know the official, he was skeptical and refused to hand over his hard, especially due to the aggressive way he was approached.

Murad received a threat and was eventually beaten up in broad daylight by 7 people. He said he was hit with the back of pistols and with iron sticks. Here are pictures Murad shared online: 

According to MTV, similar incidents are taking place on L.U. campuses across Lebanon. MTV claims certain groups belong to “parties” or “militias” of Lebanon. 

Some of these “parties” are reportedly threatening girls who wear clothes considered too revealing or “immodest” in the summer or threatening to hit girls and guys who sit next to each other at the campus. 

“The Lebanese University has become loose, ruled, and controlled by partisan gangs,” MTV wrote, adding that the gangs pose a threat to all students who come from different regions and backgrounds of Lebanon.

Lebanese critic and journalist Joseph Abu Fadel wrote on Twitter that if this news is correct then “the Lebanese Republic must replace the name Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, with Kandahar.”

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