11-Year-Old Lebanese Victim of Drunk Driver In Australia Just Woke Up From Coma

Assaad Kassas | @7newssyd

A victim of a horrendous drunk driving accident that took the lives of four Lebanese children in Australia back in February has recovered from his coma.

11-year old Charbel Kassas miraculously woke up and is able to talk and walk despite being unconscious for almost three months.

“At the moment he’s awake, he’s speaking, he’s alert, and he can see,” said his uncle, Daniel Abdallah, who had lost three children in that collision that had staggered both Australia and Lebanon.

“His brain’s a little bit underdeveloped, which is going to improve with time, but he’s walking,” Daniel explained, as reported by an Australian news website.

Sadly, young Charbel found out about the death of his relatives Sienna 8, Angelina 12, Anthony 13, and Veronique 11, through the internet before his family ever had a chance to tell him.


The dramatic event occurred in February when the seven young Lebanese kids were walking on a sidewalk when a drunk driver collided into them.

The drunk driver Samuel Davidson, 29, has been in jail since then. According to SMH, he has recently received new charges for driving under the influence of MDMA with cocaine in his bloodstream.

Surviving a three-month coma, Charbel is a “walking miracle,” said his uncle Daniel.