Lebanese YouTube Channel Is Reviving Traditional Kids’ Songs


As the digital age develops, children are getting addicted to screens, and parents are too busy to supervise. It’s important to know what content your child is viewing. This YouTube channel decided to clear your concerns.

Lila TV is the first Lebanese channel on YouTube specialized in publishing videos for children.

Aiming to preserve Lebanese heritage and culture, this channel was created in 2018, and is bringing back since then old traditional childhood songs such as Ghassil Wejak Ya Amar and Killon 3endon Siyarat.

Lila TV also provides educational and informative animated videos, as well as fun and easy activities that your children can follow!

“Thank you Lila TV for making our childhood memories colorful. Best songs and stories with beautiful video clips,” commented Rana Itani on Facebook.

“About time someone added modernity to our traditional childhood amazing songs so that kids will love them all over again,” said Louisa Hbous Salloum.

Now your child can keep entertained while also being cultured with old Lebanese jingles, learn how to draw, and have sweet dreams after listening to bedtime stories.

Lila TV channel now has 265K subscribers and counting. And you also can enjoy these shows with (or without) your kids!

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