Voting In Lebanon Kicked Off With Electoral Staff Casting Their Votes, Here Are The Details

Lebanon24 | El-Nashra

As scheduled, employees assigned to manage the electoral process on Sunday, May 15th, did their civic duty by casting their votes on May 12th, completing, as such, the 3rd stage of the parliamentary elections.

12,530 out of 14,950 employees voted until the polls closed in all regions. Thus, the participation rate reached 84%.

This percentage was considered by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, as “evidence of the citizens’ desire to exercise their right and duty to vote.”

The highest percentage was recorded in Batroun, where 96% voted, while the lowest percentage was recorded in Bint Jbeil with 68%.

The European Union and the “Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections” (LADE) worked throughout the day to monitor the elections.

LADE issued a statement afterward entitled: “LADE is ringing the alarm” in which it revealed having observed a severe lack of knowledge by the polling station staff about the details of the electoral law, noting that it had documented many “blatant practices.”

“Some voters were working as delegates for some lists and candidates, which raises many question marks about their supposed impartiality,” LADE pointed out.

It urged the Ministry of Interior to act immediately to “redress this dangerous gap,” and to strict in “training polling agencies before it’s too late”.

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