Lebanon Just Got Its First-Ever Female Fighter Jet Pilot

Lebanon just witnessed a significant milestone as Cadet Officer Jana Sader became the country’s first-ever fighter jet pilot, as the Lebanese Army confirmed to 961News.

Sader completed her training program at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas, USA after nearly two years of rigorous study and flight training.

As a graduate of the Lebanese Army’s training program, Sader is now ready to embark on a thrilling new journey in the skies.

Her first assignment will be with the A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft, a versatile and powerful aircraft used for various missions including close air support, aerial reconnaissance, and armed surveillance.

The A-29 Super Tucano has proven to be a reliable and effective aircraft for military operations, and Sader is excited to start her career with this aircraft.

The Lebanese Army announced and celebrated her achievement in a Tweet.

Leila Hatoum, a Twitter user, responded by congratulating Sader on her achievement and recalling being told in the 90s that girls aren’t allowed to serve in the air force:

“In the 90s, we went to the Universities and Careers Exhibition. I went to the military stand where an officer and 2 assistants were. I asked him what is needed to become a pilot officer in the Air Force and, without an explanation, told her girls aren’t allowed to serve in the airforce.”

Lebanon introduced a law in the early 1990s setting a quota to include Lebanese women among its enlisted, not just in administrative duties. It required an equal level of treatment and training.

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